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Programm 2024 / 2025

Dec 28 - Jan 1
2024 / 2025 Our 16th Hora Sheleg - beginners' course with Matti Goldschmidt (Munich / Germany)
Into the New Year with simple Israeli folk dances (4 nights) ...
-- -- -- After a total of 54 weekend seminars (1994-2024), no more are planned
-- -- Pentecost (Shavu'oth): After a total of 25 Machol-Germania camps (1995-2024), no more are planned
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Israeli folk dancing in Germany?
Yes, we do dance folk dances of Israel, and that almost as in Israel. The only thing we lack is the masses of people. But this minor detail is neglectable, since energy and enthusiasm are the positive forces which make us move... We also try to keep updated, try to diligently follow with what is going on in Israel and all over the world in regard of Israeli folk dancing. And still keep an eye on the lovely and old pioneer dances!
The only thing we miss is some local Jewish participants. With a Jewish population in Germany of over 125,000 and over 10,000 in Munich we wonder why (almost) none of them would dance Israeli folk dances. So far we did not find a satisfactory answer. Nevertheless, we keep on dancing, always having in mind that without (non-Jewish) Germans there would be indeed no Israeli folk dancing here in Germany...
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Released in 2002:

The Bible in Israeli Folk Dances


Matti Goldschmidt

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