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forthcoming workshops

52nd workshop: May 4 - 5, 2019

Yaron Elfasy
photograph Rafi Ziv

Actually, Yaron Elfasy was a born dancer, so to speak: His father was the Moroccan-born Moti Alfassy (1942-2008 - yes, the spelling of the surname in Latin letters seems to vary), at that time being considered as one of the leading dance masters in Israel. Some of his father's still popular dances are Al Kanfe'i ha Kessef (1970) or Lo Na'atzor (1982), as well as some couple dances like Kan ba-Darom (1974), Ha-Lailah Tov le-Ahavah (1983), Riqud li-Shnayim (1984), and Lailah ba-Darom (1985).

Already at the age of six Elfasy began to accompany his father at his courses. However, he soon established himself, detached from parental supervision, as an independent dance master and choreographer. One of his first choreographies was the couple dance Mor we-Kinnamon (1989) - by now almost thirty years old. This was followed by a manageable series of circle dances such as Shir ha-Khamsah (2003), Modeh Ani (2011) or Ha-Shir shel Miriam (2016). Very popular in youth circles, although not 100% Israeli, is his block dance (line dance) Happy (2014). Finally, he also did some couple dances like Yalla Boi (2014) or Einayim mul Einayim (2016).

Yaron Elfasy has been invited to the most important dance camps in the USA. He already taught in some European countries, such as Belgium, England, Latvia, or Switzerland. Since several years he spends more than two months each in Szarvas (Hungary) as the dance director of the annual (Jewish) summer youth camp. His weekly dance course in Tzur Yig'al near Kfar Saba is considered one of the more popular ones in central Israel.

Of course, the whole Elfasy family dances, which includes not only his wife Yael, but also his two daughters Tzlil (22) and Shir (14) as well as his sons Yanir (25) and Itai (19). Finally we would like to mention that there is another Alfasi in the Israeli folk dance area, namely Ofer Alfasi (here in a third notation, a cousin of Moti Alfassy), whom we already got to know in 2015 as our guest dance instructor in Pappenheim.

This weekend, Elfasy is going to introduce some of his own dances as well as several creations of his colleagues, possibly also one of his father. For a complete list of all dances of Yaron Elfasy please click here, of course with thanks to the operator Jewish Australia.

The lessons are (as always) in easily understandable English.

There is the possibility to see some of the dances mentioned (and many more) on the Internet at link. Please note that in order to see the entire Viedeoclip, you firstly need to register on this page as a user.

51st workshop: February 2 - 3, 2019

Michael Barzelai
photograph Michael Barzelai

Born in Haifa and living now in Zichron Ya'akon, approximately 30 km south of his birth place, Barzelai already began to dance Israeli folklore at the age of nine. Among them with dance instructors like Dede Luski, Yosi Peretz, and Nissim Ben-Ami. After his obligatory military service, around the age of 22, he started to work as a dance teacher, in the beginning in Haifa in cooperation with Elad Perl, later on with abroad popular dance instructors like Ohad Atia and Yaron Carmel (the latter two already visited Germany upon invitations through the Tanzhaus). His first own choreography named Ima Sheli was created in 2015, to be followed by around fifteen more dances, such as La Trompeta (also 2015), Insh Allah ha-Shanah and in co-operation with Ohad Atia Café Shakhor Khazaq (both 2016).

Barzelai, now 29 years old and with a Technion's degree in electrical engineering, belongs without doubt to the very young generation of the contemporary scene of Israeli folk dances (IFD). By the way, his recent choreography Ach'shaw Ani Khozer (2017) was demonstrated by Dudu Barzilai (despite the basically same name no relationship) at the ITH's 48th weekend workshop in April 2017. And, of course, his latest dances with titles like Normali, Anachnu Po, or Ga'agu'a ba-Ru'akh (all 2017) should not go unmentioned.

So far he leads once a week a dance session in Haifa and would be happy to welcome all visitors from abroad. At our 51st weekend workshop, just one after our jubilee of 50, Barzelai will teach a couple of his own creations as well as some recently popular dances of his colleagues.

Please click here for a complete list of Michael Barzelai's dances, courtesy of Jewish Australia.

The instructions will be - as always - in English.

venue: sports gym
Hochstr. 31, 81669 München
(public transport 'MVV': trams 15, 25 Regerplatz; all S-Bahns: Rosenheimer Platz)
time schedule: Saturday: 12:00 h (from ca. 18:30 h on so-called free dancing until approx. 23 h)
Sunday: 10:00 h (from ca. 13:30 h on so-called free dancing until approx. 17 h)


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