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14th Hora Sheleg

Winter Camp for Beginners
Silvester - New Year 2022 / 2023

(Dec. 28th, 2022 - Jan. 1st, 2023)
(also this year extended by 1 additional day)

Back in summer 2007 we started to think about an Israeli folk dance camp suitable for beginners - after we realized that most other IFD camps worldwide demanded a minimum of knowledge of most of the basic steps, to say the least...

Thus we created a course for beginners with beginners' dances, starting with the very first basic steps like a grapevine, a Yemenite, and others. Within a couple of weeks our 1st winter camp in the Bavarian Alps was fully booked, since we have only a limited space of approx. 35-40 beds available in our lovely guest house. Also the camps to ofllow were already fully booked around mid-September. A proof that demand is high enough for something like a camp for beginners.

We also open this camp for folk dance teachers who are interested in a didactical progress and/or who would like to learn some of the old Israeli pioneer dances, many of them sadly enough already (too) often forgotten. For a list of the dances having been taught so far please click here.

The name of our guest house is Studienzentrum Josefstal, situated about 4 km south of Schliersee in Upper Bavaria (83727 Josefstal-Schliersee, Oberbayern), a beautiful Bavarian lake: by car approx. 60 km south of Munich.

Our slogan for this camp is: photograph Matti Goldschmidt

Dancing into the New Year

which includes approximately 20-24 hours of teaching, and, of course, the new year's evening party. By the way, a CD with the music of the dances taught at this seminar is included in the seminar price and will be mailed by regular mail approx. 2-3 weeks after the end of the seminar. A DVD with the dances being taught and demonstrated may be purchased upon request.

Our camp director as well as dance instructor is Matti Goldschmidt. Please double-click here for all of the dances created by him, courtesy of Jewish Australia.

  • Cancellation fees (only in writing by fax or regular mail):
    • until Oct 6, 2022: € 25,- administrative charges
    • until Nov 30, 2022: 80% reimbursement (or replacement)
    • until Dec 13, 2022: 40% reimbursement (or replacement)
    • after this date no reimbursement whatsoever possible!
    • administrative charges in case of a replacement: € 18.

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Participation fees: (including 4 nights, all meals, all dance sessions, camp CD)

single room with shower/WC ½ double occupancy with shower / WC ½ double occupancy with shower on the floor dto. reduced
until October 6th, 2022 € 399 € 360 € 335 € 308
until November 30th, 2022 € 439 € 409 € 377 € 329
from December 1st, 2022 € 455 € 424 € 397 ---

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  • Subject to modifications!

  • The organizer is not responsible for any loss or damages which might occur during the event.

    Prospective Schedule:
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